Within the Veil, magic is real. Societies around the world have existed in secret for thousands of years, utilizing magic to defend humanity's realms from the violent threat of transcendent horrors. In her senior year at Rothsraine Academy, a roguish overachiever bites off more than she can chew, and she'll need the tutelage of a certain prestigious, enigmatic upperclassman to get by.

Between overbearing teachers, impending graduation, and the resurgence of eldritch calamities threatening the fabric of their world, this year at Rothsraine will prove to be their strangest one yet.

Greetings fans and fans to be!!

 18th Apr 2021

Its been quiet here for a little while, huh? Sorry for the radio silence that descended, we've been very busy behind the scenes-- but now we are finally ready to proceed with our plans!

This comic is going to be re-launched. Chapter 0 as it stands now will stay up until the end of June, upon which time it will be replaced with a COMPLETED chapter 0 that has been rewritten with some slight panel modifications. We've had some additions to the creative team and a departure as well, thus before we finally dive into chapter 1 we decided to re-vamp chapter 0 to better mesh with the tone and feeling of the comic going forwards. Once chapter 0 has been republished and completed we are going to get right into chapter 1, with a Monday-Thursday update schedule!

TL;DR - come back in June for the complete version of chapter 0 and the resumption of regular updates!!