About The Comic

Traversion is a supernatural/fantasy webcomic illustrated by M.Dyer, and written by Fivetail and M.Dyer. It was originally launched in October 2020.

Traversion takes place in a realm known as the Veil: a parallel plane hidden just beside our own, where secret societies around the world have lived and grown alongside the existence of magic. All Magi study formally at one of many learning institutions across the Veil, and every Magi has a manifestation--unique physical traits associated with their magical attunement--to show for it. Manifestations usually show up within the first few years of a Magi's magical study. Even the late-bloomers get theirs by year four.

Meet Ashe, an eighth-year student of Rothsraine Academy, with neither attunement nor manifestation in sight. With graduation on the horizon, what lengths will she go to find her rightful place within the Veil?

Creator: Fivetail

Fivetail is a 29-year-old nonbinary Canadian. Raised by a dangerous yet potent combination of escapism and internet, they have been writing fiction since Creative Writer on Windows '95 (long live McZee). Throughout the years, the majority of their creative endeavors have been found through fandom, and through fandom, they have had the privilege of meeting countless like-minded creatives and lifelong friends, including their current creative mentor, Chu.

Traversion's namesake and many characters and elements were integrated from an original universe Fivetail had built since they were a teenager. After years of practice with transformative works, they are excited to finally share an original universe with the world--one that others can see themselves in and make their own, as they once did.

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Creator: M.Dyer (Chu)