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Chapter 0 complete! Time for Chapter 1.

 11th Aug 2021

I’ve been feeling under the weather today so I almost forgot!

With chapter 0's completion, we're excited and ready to begin the next! So here you go, chapter 1’s update schedule: The comic is currently on a very mini break, just enough to let me, well, take a break lol, and to finish up the last few pages that hit my buffer mark (it’s only about.. 4? pages left now, unless I do one of those thumbed out pages as a two-page spread). That buffer mark puts me a bit more than halfway through the chapter of fully finished art (and designs! wow, i’ve been busy...) so that even on days when I’m needing a break, I don’t have to worry about falling behind at all.

So, yep, small break just so that I myself can take a break, finish up these last few pages that hit my buffer mark, letter everything that’s done, and during all of that I’ll finally fix up the Patreon and ready the Webtoons version of the comic to start posting there again.

The little sneaks I post of non-spoiler designs I work on will probably start going on Patreon First quite soon, but I hope you don’t mind me sharing them on my tumblr ( while I work until then. See you very soon!


 22nd Jun 2021

We are!! Check back every Wednesday for chapter 0's next batch upload!!


 18th Apr 2021

Its been quiet here for a little while, huh? Sorry for the radio silence that descended, we've been very busy behind the scenes-- but now we are finally ready to proceed with our plans!

This comic is going to be re-launched. Chapter 0 as it stands now will stay up until the end of June, upon which time it will be replaced with the rewritten version in staggered updates. We've had some additions to the creative team and a departure as well, thus before we finally dive into chapter 1 we decided to re-vamp chapter 0 to better mesh with the tone and feeling of the comic going forwards. Once chapter 0 has been republished and completed we are going to get right into chapter 1 with a regular twice a week update schedule!

TL;DR - come back in June for the new chapter 0 and the resumption of regular updates!!