“...we always knew this was a possibility, didn’t we?”

Standing at the shut entrance of the building, Dr. Thorncroft found herself stock-still for the first time all day, her grasp on the door suddenly hesitant to reveal the state of the world behind them.

“That’s why we did this, why we entered this field,” she continued, “to find a way to stop it. I thought we had more time.”

The absence of life in her office building--a rare peace she was once thankful for--was now cast in an anxious, ominous light. When was the last time she’d seen another person, anyway? Or heard another voice? Her recent workload had made all the days blend together for the past while, not helped by the fact she slept in her office more often than not to stay ahead...when was the last time she even left her office?

When had she eaten last?

The foreboding beeping of apocalyptic disaster continued on, muffled in her pocket.

“To think, this world found us fifteen years ago...”

Her grip wavered.

“Guh...no time for tears, Bradley. Let’s see what’s left of it…!”

With a short, bracing breath, she threw open the doors.

Chapter 0, Page 10

 11th Nov 2020

Don't give in to crunch culture, kids. You might just miss an entire apocalypse.