Approaching the wall rack by the door, she swiftly replaced her lab coat with another: a long, tapered white overcoat with plenty of pockets, embellished with ornate inner lining and accents of gold. The cut and design was more befitting of a sea captain than a respected scientist, but Dr. Lyra Thorncroft was renowned within the Veil for her groundbreaking research, not for her sound taste in fashion.

She accessorized with mechanical sundries, each and every one built with her own two hands, suiting up piece by piece until she became a silhouette of metal and tubing. Finally, she plugged the still-beeping handheld device into the rest of her build, making every contraption, and Bradley’s haul alike, glow to life with the green of her aether.

Chapter 0, Pages 6-7

 30th Oct 2020

Insult her fashion all your want, you're not the one with the degree.