“Quickly now, Bradley!”

The small golem hobbled behind her as she swung open the door and burst out of the office. He was tethered to her by the battery pack in his arms, the attached hosing made taut as her urgency battled his relative weight and speed; the golem was made up of twenty-odd stones, but weighed about nine of them himself.

Eventually, the duo reached the enchanted paternosters looping at the end of the hallway, Dr. Thorncroft mumbling musings all the while.

“...society collapses and no one even bothers to call, goes to show who our real friends are...”

She slid into the lift, tugging Bradley in tow.

“Luckily, I’ve been preparing for this--”

A few moments later, they leapt off the open elevator onto the ground floor and into the barren main lobby.

“--redistribution of natural resources, before transitioning fully into a golem-based meritocracy...wait, have I eaten today?” She clicked her tongue. “Never mind that. Survivors first. Then we’ll see if food is a luxury we can still afford.”

Chapter 0, Page 9

 2nd Nov 2020

We return from last week's hiatus with a sigh of relief!

Dr. Thorncroft's still worried, though for different reasons...